What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Whether you are considering having a new business website or recently launched one, it is an integral question that will define how your online business would shape in the coming time. Stands for Search Engine Optimisation, SEO involves a set of techniques and strategies to optimize the overall layout, the website structure, backend codes and most importantly the content on the front-end. All the SEO activities are done with the core objective of accentuating the site visibility, in simple words improving organic traffic. In comparison to paid visitors, the percentage of the search engines organic traffic is quite high, as told by several studies & surveys done in the recent past.

Why Use an SEO Consultant?

If your business site doesn’t come on the first page of the most SERP results of top search engines such as the Google, the probability is that you are missing out a large slice of organic traffic every day. Sometimes, SEO efforts aren’t just about doing a complete site overhauling, sometimes one or tweaks, little changes here & there, and your website ranks high on top-ranked search engines. However, Search Engine Optimisation is not as easy as you might perceive, besides professional knowledge & skills, the off page activities require a lot of true dedication and passion to deliver great results. 

Can I Do My Own SEO?

We all have this query looming in our minds all the times.  Yes is the answer, you can formulate a strategic SEO plan and implement to garner results, but as said earlier it is not as straightforward as you might think. This is where the SEO consultants come into play; these guys have heaps of experience under their belt coupled with professional training help business owners save their valuable time.

How Do SEO Consultants Work?

The Long Game

Search Engine Optimisation has never been an overnight venture, unlike the SEM/PPC/Google Ads where all you have to do is to pour-in big dollars to get the desired results. SEO is a long term where one has to pass through a wide array of obstacles during the initial stages.  Then implement the on-page optimization techniques in association with the tried & tested off-page SEO tasks to enhance online site visibility.

The SEO Strategy

Applying the best SEO strategies to a business site calls for years of hard work and the right set of skills to develop winning SEO strategies, based on their extensive practical knowledge and great research works. With business type and industry has its own set of challenges & requirements, therefore the SEO specialist you hire will do thorough market research to deduce upon the best SEO plan. They will carefully analyse your market, rivals, and your business model to come up with tailored SEO solutions.

Ranking for a Certain Keyword

The idea is not just ranking a site for a specific keyword, but the objective of doing SEO is to research and find the right set of keywords with great volumes of searches. Furthermore, they will scrutinize the inbound traffic to find what works best. There is no point in wasting your energy on keywords those don’t provide you genuine lead.

Client Engagement

The SEO consultant you contract will pay heed to every minute detail of your business, and what are your SEO expectations? They will proactively give you effective suggestions on the daily, weekly and monthly basis to amp the SEO results. They will make the necessary structural and front-end content changes.

A Team Effort

Getting results from SEO is not a one-man job. You SEO expert is a specialist in providing SEO assistance, and he/she will reach out to a developer/designer for implementing necessary on-site fixes, increase the page loading speed, and server improvements.

Regular Updates/Reports

One crucial part of client engagement is providing each of their clients with the most up-to-details, updates, and reports on how the site is performing with regards to Search Engine Optimisation. The initial site report will throw light on the low points of the website, at the beginning. Therefore after, the reports will focus more on the progress & the changes required for improvements. 

How to Engage an SEO Consultant?

Don't Respond to SEO Spammers

Never and ever trust an SEO agency or consultant that gets you over an out of the blues random sales email. As a matter of truth, it has been seen that the experts those send emails to businesses are often spammers. The only objective is to put the fishing rod in the pond waiting for anyone to get trapped. So, stay clear of such SEO guys, because then not only you will lose your precious business funds, also hamper your SEO rankings significantly.

Don't Believe the "Guarantee"

There is no term as "Guarantee" in the SEO dictionary, so if anyone is offering you guarantee, then he/she probably making a fool out of you, so don’t fall for such a trap. A professional SEO guy will make any necessary effort, display true determination to get your website on top-but they just can’t guarantee results.

No Such Thing as Instant Results

There are no instant results when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is subdivided into on-page and off-page activities those take time to reflect any positive impact on your business site. Typically, an SEO plan composed of tailored on & off-page techniques that takes 6 to 12 months to see any positive results.

More Than Just on-Site SEO

If the SEO guy you are considering to hire suggests that on-page SEO works such as adding Meta Data and Page Titles & Headings, all the SEO tool list buttons must be green to accomplish measurable results, then it a red flag. Although, the above factors are essential, they are just the  beginning.

It is highly recommended to invest time & efforts when seeking out for an SEO guy that fits your business needs & requirements perfectly. We have a team of SEO specialists having rich market experience and in-depth knowledge to take your online business to the next level with SEO services.

Website Speed Affects SEO

The speed of your site does play a big role in determining how our website would perform. Top search engines such as Google has site loading speed as a major factor when ranking sites by its search algorithms. To simply put, if your site load faster, your potential visitor won’t move to your rivals.

Our SEO team can help you out with improving your site loading speed. We will adhere to the best practices those involve making slight changes to the underlying code structure to lower page loading time. Furthermore, we suggest you opt for managed hosting- it is a faster, safe & secure service located in the Sydney data centre. 

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Definition of SEO Marketing

SEO (for Search Engine Optimization) - SEO or organic SEO - is the technique to position the pages of your website in the search engine results (Google, Bing, Yahoo !, etc.). It increases the visibility of your website and creates traffic. Your referencing will be organized on 3 axes: the contents (texts, media ...), the technique used and the promotion of the site.